Getting Car Keys Copied

If you’re reading this post then I applaud you. You are fortunate enough to still be in possession of at least one car key. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else visiting My Car Key Replacement. So you want to take preventative measures and avoid all this car key replacement business. That’s great! Here is a little guide for getting a car key copied.

For most modern vehicles you will likely have to purchase the key blank from your dealership. A key blank is just the standardized key shape and size for your vehicle before it is cut to match your car. It is even possible that the dealership may have the right key blank in stock if it is a newer vehicle model. If your vehicle is older they may need to special order you a key blank. But once you have a key blank you can either have the dealership cut it for you, or some skilled local locksmiths may be able to cut it for cheaper. It is important to note that if your key has a transponder chip in it, you may have no choice but to go through the dealer or specialized car locksmiths, as they may need to program the key to send the appropriate signal to the vehicle in order for it to start. If programming is necessary, be sure to have your vehicles make, model, and VIN readily available. 

If your key does have a transponder chip in it, a cheap alternative to having a whole new transponder key cut and programmed to match your vehicle is to simply have the key cut to match the original. Essentially this is a “dummy” key. This key will unlock the door (in case of locking your programmed keys in the car) but will not start the car because it does not have a programmed transponder chip.

If your vehicle is older you will have better luck as a car locksmith should be able to produce you with a cheap car key copy, much less than you’d find at a dealership.